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Oberk Thundercut Silk/Wool Blended Cutting Pad is a purpose-built, rotary cutting pad. Looking to make quick work of a heavy cutting job? This is the heavy machine-gun power for cutting down heavy, swirls, scratches without the extreme marring typical of pads in this range.

Why Wool and Silk? Wool has great natural cutting ability, with an additional large benefit of keeping temperatures low while performing aggressive polishing. High temperatures are a detailer's enemy that can lead to clear coat failure. Silk is blended into our fiber pad to further reduce heat and give an additional strength where needed.

  • Ideal for a 6” Backing plate; can be used on a 5” backing plate for more flexible usage.
  • Intended for rotary tool usage only. This is not an ideal product for dual-action tools.
  • 50/50 twisted 100% wool and silk blend material. Increased natural cutting ability with great heat control. 
  • Silk is one of the strongest known natural fibers in the world and has great properties for detailing.
  • Natural silk stabilizes and neutralizes heat buildup quickly.
  • Silk fiber is known as the finest natural fiber in the world and is only one denier. This creates a microfiber like product in terms of aggressiveness and the way it holds large amount of abrasive, but reduces the temperature in comparison to microfiber as well. Our unique natural blend fights heat while improving cutting ability all at the same time.
  • 🕷️ Spiderman would approve. Our silk is ethically and sustainably harvested.


Como Usar
  • Can I use this on a rotary? Yes, this is designed for rotary use. 

  • What size backing plate will work with this? It's intended for a 5 or 6" backing plate. It will not work on 7 or 8" backing plates.

  • Can I use this with a dual action machine? It is designed for rotary usage only.