Clay Bar Light Blue

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Use este clay bar para:

-Restaura una sensación perfectamente lisa y cristalina

-Extraer niveles ligeros de contaminación

-Asegure un pulido libre de arañazos y remolinos

-Ayuda a que tu sellador, cera y pintura duren más tiempo


Como Usar:
  1. Wash vehicle well to remove loose dirt and debris.
  2. Mist a 2’ x 2’ area generously with Clay Luber.
  3. Break off ⅓ of the clay bar, form it into a patty, then gently glide it back and forth across the surface until the clay glides freely.
  4. Buff each completed section dry with a microfiber towel and inspect the clay. If soiled, fold the clay and use a clean portion.
  5. If you drop the clay or it becomes completely soiled, discard the clay bar and continue with a fresh piece of the clay bar.