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HydroThread es un ceramic coating de tela súper hidrofóbico y un protector contra manchas diseñado para una durabilidad e hidrofobicidad extremas en telas y superficies de telas. Ayuda a repeler el agua y las manchas sin comprometer el aspecto, la sensación o la comodidad de la tela.

Use esto para:

  • Agregue protección cerámica a las telas interiores y exteriores
  • Repele el agua y otros líquidos.
  • Ayuda a prevenir las manchas permanentes
  • Protege sin cambiar el aspecto y la sensación de la tela.
  • Resiste derrames y manchas accidentales
  • Ayuda a evitar que la tela se decolore 
  • Ayuda a repeler los dañinos rayos solares UV
Como Usar
  1. Clean fabric surface thoroughly. Ensure surface is completely dry.
  2. Cover non-fabric areas around surfaces to be treated to prevent overspray.
  3. Shake bottle well, then mist a light coat onto surface.
  4. Hold bottle at least 12” from surface and lightly mist fabric while sweeping the bottle back and forth to ensure even coverage.
  5. For best results, work into fibers with a soft bristled brush.
  6. Allow to dry for 20 minutes, or until the surface is dry.
  7. Apply a second coat for maximum protection if desired.
  8. For best results, allow at least 24 hours to dry. Depending on the climate and pile height, the hydrophobic effects will continue to improve even more after 24 hours of being applied. Always test fabric/fiber for color fastness in an inconspicuous area. For more humid climates, you may need to wait longer in-between coats to allow surface to completely dry.
  9. To maintain: recoat your surface after major spills, heavy duty use, or just because since it's so easy and fun!